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In consideration for the health and safety of our valued customers and crews, the Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad has made the difficult decision to cancel all passenger excursions for the remainder of the 2020 season.  During this down-time the volunteers will focus time and resources on  preparations for an exciting and safe 2021 Season.  

Our 2021 season will be celebrating the 150th Aniversary of the Lake Superior & Mississippi arriving in Duluth, the first tracks that helped build Duluth to what it is today!

Come on out and celebrate with us all next season.

Stay tuned for more information on our start date and celebration activities.




August 1, 2020, is a time for celebration on the Railroad:  the 150th year anniversary of completion of the original Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad into Duluth.  

The LS&M was the catalyst in opening up commerce in Duluth allowing both rail and shipping opportunities to increase the population in Duluth many fold. Thus, the LS&M is significant historically, culturally and socially by connecting Duluth with the other centers of population as well as bringing the advent of the technically advanced steam engine into the City.

The St. Paul Press (newspaper) printed the following on August 2, 1870. “At thirty-five minutes past 11 o’clock p.m. of August 1st, 1870, the First Through Train [sic] on the Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad arrived at Duluth—having left St. Paul at seven o’clock and fifteen minutes the same morning. Late was the hour crowds of the people of Duluth lined the track and surrounded the Depot on the Lake Shore [sic], and bonfires blazed and human voices cheered as the locomotive that had in the morning drank of the waters of the Mississippi stood smoking panting, and thirsty on the shores of our Inland Sea and replenished its tank from its crystal waters alongside the track.” 


The Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad organization of today is an all-volunteer tourist excursion that follows the 6 miles of the original route from West Duluth to Boy Scout Landing in Gary New Duluth.  The LSM had planned a celebration of this important event, but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and concern for the safety of passengers and crew, a 150 yr Celebration with an open house, free train rides and other activities will be postponed to the 2021 Season. 

It has been decided that "In the best interest of safety for all passengers, crews and operations volunteers, the excursion opening will be postponed until the 2021 season.   During the downtime of the 2020 season the crew stay busy doing track improvements, engine updates, renovating coaches and cars and more.  Check the website,, and Facebook for further information on the current season operation and updates for 2021.    

Enjoy our drone video and experience the St. Louis River Estuary from the most scenic train trip in northern Minnesota

Video View of Causeway from the water

Check out this article on how grand our trip is in the fall:

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Crossing Mud Lak on n early fall day

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