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We are looking for your support.

City of Duluth has started the public process that will determine the very existence of our railroad!

  Right now the tracks we ride on are in jeopardy of being removed 

We believe a Rail & Trail option complete out to Boy Scout Landing (which would keep the causeway in place) is best for the City of Duluth and the region.  Please consider writing a short email or letter to support keeping the tracks complete out to Boy Scout Landing, our current destination, so this train excursion can continue like it has for the past 38 years.  


Sign up for our emails so we can keep you update on this project.  We do not send out many emails, maybe one a month.


All the volunteers of the LSMR want you to know that we are committed to making this experience even better then it is today as we can continue to use the tracks far into the future.


You can email the Mayor and City Councilors all in one email.  Just copy and paste these four addresses into your email and let them know that you value the service we provide and enjoyed your experience on the train.  City administration really values hearing from citizens near and far so if you live outside Duluth please consider doing this.  Your voice is as important as citizens of Duluth.

Copy and paste these addresses into your email
Thanks for helping to save the most scenic train experience in the region!



Duluth City Council                     

411 West First Street

Duluth, MN 55802


Mayor Emily Larson                     

City Hall Room 403

411 West First Street

Duluth, MN 55802


Duluth News Tribune                 

424 West First Street

Duluth, MN 55802


Lisa Luokkala                               

Parks Project Coordinator

City Hall - Parks and Recreation

411 West First Street - Ground Floor

Duluth, MN 55802


Yes, a trail in the area along the river would be a good addition which the LSMRR supports but it could be at the expense of the rail's very existence. Once the tracks are gone they will never come back.


We hope to see you in 2019!


City Contacts


The train and tracks are in jeopardy 

This two part article from the Duluth Reader by John Ramos explains much of what our organization is going through.  We are working hard to preserve the tracks that provides access for those who can not travel by trail to see the estuary and a superfund site (before and after the clean up)

The current City Administrations plan will put the train's operation in jeopardy of serving due to a severely shortened track as well as the destination of the Boy Scout Launch not to mention the most scenic section of the trip.

The City of Duluth's Administration has proposed shortening the most scenic train experience in the region. This has taken us by surprise.  
This will effect our future operations

For the City's plan click here.  

Click here for our response to the City's Current Plan


Make a supportive comment about the Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad by sending emails to our Mayor, City Council, and Parks Department project lead.  The Duluth News Tribune is also a great method to reach folks in our area.  Letters need to be limited to 300 words:


Click here for more information


This plan will also cut us off from our destination of Boy Scout Landing bringing our popular shuttle service for kayakers to an end.  We have partnered with local businesses, Spirit Lake Marina and the Guide services like Day Tripper, for the most unique paddling shuttle service in the region.
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