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Please consider donating to our fundraisers where all proceeds go to repairing engine 46, improving the tracks, our buildings and  other rolling stock.


The LS&M is a 100% Volunteer organization, operated and maintained by Volunteers only. All money raised goes directly  towards running our operations.


We look forward to season 2023 to again provide a safe, beautiful ride along the St. Louis River Estuary. 

  See our photo gallery for views of the trip along the river. 


Every donation counts, and we appreciate it very much! 

Thank You to our Major Supporters

 The Andrew Webb Estate

Emery Trust

Funded in part by the Riverfront Community and the Henry and Sarah Wheeler Historical Awareness Funds of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.


David presents a check from the CN to LS&M President, Joel Manns representing the number of hours he has donated to the LS&M in 2020.

Help Support Our Upgrades & Restorations by                           Donating to these Projects :

Locomotive 46

Locomotive 46 is a General Electric Center Cab 50T Type Industrial Switcher built in 1946.  The locomotive needs the wheels and trucks rebuilt, a new floor and the exhausts raised.  Total cost is approximately $100,000. We have raised some funding through generous donations and hope to obtain donated labor to complete these upgrades.

Safari Car

Coach 29 & 85 were built in 1912 by the American Car and Foundry for the Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway. The coaches are being cleaned with interiors and windows repaired / painted,  and brakes maintenance updated. 

Once a flat car built by Siems - Staubel Co of St Paul MN in 1928 for the Northern Pacific Railway. The Safari Car is being rebuilt from the frame up.  This work includes new decking and railing and redesign to allow for more passenger seating. Volunteers with carpentry skills will be needed for this project.

Track Repair

Our tracks run along a portion of the original route of the Lake Superior and Mississippi Rail Road into Duluth. The tracks and railbeds need ongoing maintenance.  We will continue to focus on work to repair damage from previous storms, removal of brush and tie replacement.  The track crew replaced 500 ties last year and would like to replace a similar number this season.  We need to dump ballast and to contract for a tamping crew to surface what we repaired last season.  Volunteers are always needed for this ongoing work.

Station and Shop
Station 1.JPG

Our Station needs to be painted and the Shop needs security upgrades.  Volunteers will be needed for painting the station.

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