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President of Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad

The LSM’s Board of Directors is soliciting applications for President. The term of our current president, Joel Manns, expired on March 31, 2023. We are looking for an individual to lead the LSM as it reopens after a 3-year hiatus due to US Steel Super Fund Cleanup and COVID. The nominee would be elected by the Board of Directors to the Office of President for recurring 1-year terms. The President serves as an ex-officio member and Chair of the Board.  As the LSM is an entirely volunteer organization, the President is not compensated. The LSM is a 503(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Roles of the President include:

  • Responsibility for planning, organizing, and directing LSM’s operations and services.

  • Leading the development and implementation of consistent policies and practices that ensure volunteer and passenger safety, high quality passenger experiences, and the longevity of the railroad.

  • Overseeing the implementation and completion of orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors.

  • Communicating and advocating for the needs of the vice-presidents of Engineering, Mechanical, Operations, and Marketing and various committees to the Board of Directors.

  • Presiding at quarterly Board of Directors meetings and an annual membership meeting.

  • Signing and delivering in the name of the LSM checks, contracts, invoices, and other obligations of the LSM.

  • Working with the Board of Directors to develop and implement the Business Plan and a Strategic Vision of the LSM with the goal of expanding ridership, volunteer engagement, membership, and fiscal sustainability.

  • Serving as the LSM’s point of contact for public relations, volunteer recruitment, and fundraising.

  • Working with the departmental vice-presidents, officers, and committees to develop and implement operational/annual and capital budgets that sustain operations and promote the expansion of services.


Truly the only requirements for being the next President of the LSM are a passion for delivering high quality passenger experiences highlighting the environmental, social, cultural, and historical beauty of the St. Louis River estuary, and a desire to shape the future of the LSM as a First-Class tourism and recreational asset for Duluth. Prior railroading experience is not required.


If you are interested in becoming the next President of the LSM, or wish to recommend somebody, please contact the Board of Directors at

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