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The City of Duluth will hold a public meeting that will determine our fate!!!

On Tuesday June 13th; 5:30-7:00 the City has scheduled a public meeting for their mini master plan of the Western Waterfront Trail extension.  
This will effect our future operations
We are asking our supporters to attend the meeting to show your support.  You will also have an opportunity to chat with those that are developing this proposed plan.
All we know at this time is that there is some kind of compromise.  
The City has yet to meet with our organization.  When that happens we will inform you of what we know.



Make a supportive comment to support the Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad by sending emails to our Mayor, City Council and Parks Department lead on this project.  The Duluth News Tribune is also a great method to reach folks in our area.  Letters need to be limited to 300 words:


Duluth News Tribune                 

424 West First Street

Duluth, MN 55802


Duluth City Council                     

411 West First Street

Duluth, MN 55802


Mayor Emily Larson                     

City Hall Room 403

411 West First Street

Duluth, MN 55802

Lisa Luokkala                               
Project Coordinator
City Hall - Parks and Recreation
411 West First Street - Ground Floor
Duluth, MN 55802


  • The Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad (LS&M) is in danger of permanently losing it's track which will put the entire tourist train out of operation.

  • The LS&M has operated as a tourist railroad for 38 years, along the St. Louis River in West Duluth, following the original tracks of the first railroad into Duluth in 1870.

  • The LS&M, run entirely by volunteers, helps preserve the historical significance of this first railroad into Duluth.

  • The railroad connects the western river communities and also runs through the US Steel superfund cleanup site in Morgan Park/West Duluth.

  • The massive cleanup effort is expected to remove the LS&M railroad track, disrupting the tourist train service during the completion of the project for up to three years (or permanently).

  • Returning the railroad tracks to their original location would require prior planning of the project managers (MPCS & US Steel) and the landowner of the area (City of Duluth).

  • The City of Duluth and community groups of West Duluth are discussing the merits of creating a hiking/biking trail over the track bed or establishing a side by side Rail & Trail concept.

  • The LS&M supports the cleanup of contamination caused by the old US Steel plant which includes the area along the St. Louis River where the train travels.

  • The LS&M is requesting that the City have the tracks replaced when the area is restored - as well as compensate the railroad for loss of three year's revenue.

The LSMR has been bringing folks to the St Louis River Corridor and providing a historic experience and education while maintaining the City's rail corridor for over 38 years.  We feel that the proposed trail would be a compliment to what we have been doing for the City and our Western Duluth community for next to $0.00 cost to the City
It would be a shame to lose this service we provide to the City at the very time the City is investing large dollars to revitalize the area.  The City is supporting developers with a hotel and housing project and other park projects that are needed and welcome.  
The tracks need to stay in order for the most historic rail excursion in the region to grow and be viable into the future.
We started a kayak/canoe shuttle last year partnering with the local marina with great success.  The marina is actually purchasing more kayaks to help with the demand.
We hope to see you on June 13th! 

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